Northern Alliance Logo

I am a part of the Belegarth Medieval Combat Society. I specifically belong to the Rhinelander, WI Chapter: The Order of the Eternal Flame. This chapter is part of an alliance called the “Northern Alliance”, which is comprised of people from small groups in the frozen northernly places of the Belegarth community. This alliance formed in 2007 and has seen many national events and added member member groups over the 5 years it has been in existence.

Despite this, the Northern Alliance has been without an emblem to call their own and rally around. Of late, this has become a bigger sticking point. Every group needs a logo. That’s just the way of things. It’s part of what holds a group together and helps build that group’s identity.

Thus appeared on the group’s Facebook page a poll, asking if the logo should be a vulknut (a scandinavian emblem meant to evoke a never-ending three-fold mountain), a moose rampant, or both. The combination of the two ideas was what dominated the poll results. During the course of the discussion that accompanied the poll I proposed dropping the moose rampant and instead crowning a vulknut in antlers. This idea was met with approval, and thus I began work on the Northern Alliance’s future logo!

The colors have yet to be finalized, so they’re still subject to change. We’re actually doing color tests right now, and the group is working together to decide what the final choices will be. Soon I should end up putting together a big file of our color tests, just to be ogled and show the variety that we tested with.

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