The Kitsufox Productions Blog is now open for business.! We’re pleased to have a presence here so that you have the ability to interact and ask questions and we can post things that don’t suit inclusion on the Portfolio site (follow the link above if you haven’t seen that yet).

At this point in time the focus here at Kitsufox Productions is finishing up my degree, though there are some other things on the horizon that I’ll be concerned with.

As far as school goes, the print projects are almost completed, and should be wrapped by the end of this weekend. The web projects are at varied states. The Madd Lib is done, the Portfolio website is done (though willing to continue to take updates), the How-to is about 50% done, the OEF website just awaits content (and the consideration that I might make it wordpress friendly, but for now that’s not necessarily part of the plan, so we’ll see what happens there) and this blog is… Fully functional but still in need of some tweaks.

Things should advance quickly from here on out, and I fully expect to be ready for the show that’s on the 10th without issue. Then it’s just buttoning up a few projects for Portfolio class, finishing the art for the Life Drawing Class, continuing to pass math tests as I’ve done so far, and to pull out all the stops for a final in Interactive Multimedia.